January 22, 2018

White House stands by Trump’s ‘son of a b***’ comment

White House stands by Trump’s ‘son of a b***’ comment

During a White House Press Briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders answered questions about Trump’s statements where he called those who kneeled during the National Anthem “SOBs”.


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  1. Student Loans Are Cool

    I know what Trumps master plan is, he is providing hollywood with comedy material for the next few decades and he will cash in on this. As will all his defenders, because that will their primary source of income. I can see it now Sarah Tells All top 100 best seller, etc…

  2. Carl Capps

    Thankful to be an American but not proud of it because I had nothing to do with being born in the US.Thankful I ignore the prideful idiots that believe they are heroes or men because of the Game that is what is pathetic.

  3. aries1970

    Sorry folks but the bullshit spouted by trumptard sarah and the whitehouse loonies, still looks smells like utter bullshit no matter how they try to put a spin on it. A total nutcase is in charge, dragging America, the Presidency into the gutter. trumptards level of narcissistic stupidity knows no bounds, please for the sake of America and the world, remove him from office now before he starts a war, or does any more damage.

  4. shameblamenamegame

    I love Sarah Huckabee Sanders!!! Sarah, will you marry me?!!?! that way, I don't have to buy you and I can get you trained for the Kentucky derby. You can win the triple crown with the right trainer/husband. now, eat some apple chunks and sugar lumps and get out of those clothes. clothes are for humans silly.

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