January 21, 2018

Weight loss: Woman reveals she used THIS basic diet plan to lose over six stone | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss: Woman reveals she used THIS basic diet plan to lose over six stone | Diets | Life & Style

Sharing her before and after pictures to Reddit, user ‘identikitten’ revealed she lost 85lbs in a year and a half, and was finally able to fit into a size XS dress.

And the woman, who is 25, followed a simple diet plan to help her get to the weight she is happy with.

Writing on Reddit, she said: “I lost the weight by doing CICO! I started at eating ~1700 calories a day, and now I’m eating 1300-1400 a day, depending on how active I’ve been.

“I started going to the gym after losing the first 50lbs, which was about a year ago. I lift weights 3x a week and I run on the elliptical for 45 minutes 3x a week!”

There was a specific calories in, calories out programme Identikitten followed to slim down, called “1200 is plenty”.

This is another Reddit thread of people showing the meals they eat to ensure they stick to 1200 calories a day – a normal amount for a sedentary, short woman.

Discussing her diet plan and use of the Reddit thread, she said: “Yeah ‘1200isplenty’ has been sooo helpful for me”.

Initially, Identikitten consumed 1700 calories, and revealed how she slowly reduced her intake to ensure she continued to lose weight and avoided plateau.

She said: “A few months, every time I lost 10lbs, I recalculated my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).

“If you feel hungry all the time at 1200, it may be too low for you. 1200 calories per day is usually only meant for petite sedentary women.”

Explaining why she lost the weight over 18 months, Identikitten said she “made sure to go slowly so I’d be left with minimal loose skin”.

Describing her loose skin, she said: “ A little bit in my thighs, some on my stomach, and a little bit at the top of my boobs.

“It’s mostly not noticeable unless I lean forward or jump around lol. I think it should tighten up some more after maintaining for a while, especially since I’ve started weight lifting. It’s not something that bothers me though.

“I made sure to lose weight slowly to avoid loose skin as much as I could. I also exfoliate every day because I read that it helps.”

Following a simple diet plan also worked for one man, who shared his transformation on social media.

Sharing before and after images to Reddit, user Pindar80 explained how he lost weight, and also why.

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