January 22, 2018

USA POLITICS: Why Trump Decertifying Iran Nuclear Deal? To ‘Create Chaos’ in Europe

USA POLITICS: Why Trump Decertifying Iran Nuclear Deal? To ‘Create Chaos’ in Europe

US President Donald Trump’s move concerning the nuclear pact signed with Iran raises the threat of conflict and undermines global stability, Dr. Rasool Nafisi, a professor at Strayer University in Washington DC, told Radio Sputnik.

Donald Trump decision not to certify the Iran nuclear deal “creates chaos” among European countries because “they feel that the United States should stick to its signature,” a researcher and expert on the Middle East, Dr. Rasool Nafisi, said.

According to Nasifi, by refusing to stick to the provisions of the agreement “the American side is breaching the law.”

He noted that the US president and his allies are trying to renegotiate the deal, namely the duration of the contract and the issue concerning the ballistic missile system. However, these steps are literally aimed at disarming Iran, a situation Iranian authorities “would never agree with,” the expert stated.

“I remember the day when they were negotiating the JCPOA and one of the discussions was about the Iranian missile program. And the Iranians didn’t give in at all. They said ‘it has nothing to do with nuclear development, it has nothing to do with you, it is part of our self-defense.’ And they did not give really any concessions. So it has absolutely nothing to do with the JCPOA,” Nasifi told Radio Sputnik.

On Friday, Donald Trump said his administration had decided not to certify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA. He explained that the White House would work with Congress and US allies to fix the “many serious flaws” of the agreement with Tehran.

Following Trump’s statement, Germany warned that the US decision to not certify the nuclear pact signed with Iran could bring the danger of war close to Europe.

In an interview with the German Deutschlandfunk radio, the country’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said that Washington’s policy could result in Iran developing nuclear weapons and raise the threat of a conflict.

– Sputnik

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