January 23, 2018

Sister: Marilou Danley sent away before Las Vegas shooting

Sister: Marilou Danley sent away before Las Vegas shooting

Marilou Danley wasn’t even in the U.S. during the Las Vegas shooting, but police have still named Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend a person of interest in the case. Paddock reportedly wired her $100K and sent her abroad days before the attack.


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  1. Barry Howell

    Listening to all the racist minority "didnt do nuffins" defend this lady as if she doesn't know anything. She was this creep's GIRLFRIEND for crying out loud, yet all the racist minorities on youtube are pretending that law enforcement is "picking on her" for having the BRAINS to ask her a few questions??!!

  2. Henry Nera

    I think Paddock was a chronic gambler who became increasingly paranoid of being taken down by the Vegas mafia because of his methodical techniques in gambling. According to one news source, he was a "methodical casino gambler who used algorithms and spreadsheets". Because of this, he probably developed this paranoia that he eventually be discovered by the casinos and be disposed of. I think Danley is not the key to solving Paddock's motives. Investigators just need to do a thorough check of his medical records and probable history of drug use. They should do a complete blood work on him to determine what was in his system at the time of the mass shooting.

  3. 이웅

    They found 19 guns in the house? That's it?? I know people with over 50 guns and they would NEVER commit such an act. Why? Because they're not insane that's why! So all of a sudden having 19 guns is some kind of mass murder red flag? GTFO

  4. Hush Whisper

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  5. OverUnity7734

    So the issue is not gun control, the issue is the medical institutes knowledge of
    what happens to a person with in-operable brain cancer and their lack of
    responsible action.
    I knew someone whos husband died of brain cancer and they told how his
    personality changed dramatically before he died.
    So much for protecting the public.
    Capitalist country, money first people second.
    And yes I realize my words fall on deaf ears, you bunch of brainwashed

  6. truthaboveagenda

    The Fascist Leftists are so lost, so blind, that they are incapable of realizing how absurd they are when they chant, "death to pigs." The fascist leftists often scream this demand, to dehumanize and murder police officers, at their own PROTESTS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS! – Joseph

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