January 21, 2018

Salmon and Chicken – The New York Times

Salmon and Chicken – The New York Times

I’m eager to make eggs in purgatory some night soon. I’d like to simmer up a pot of Tuscan farro soup, as well.

(Could we have some chicken, though, and a little salmon, too? Mark Bittman’s recipe for chicken under a brick is just terrific. And Alison Roman’s recipe for salmon with sesame and herbs is sublime.)

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That said, if something goes wrong, either with the cooking or the technology, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We’re at cookingcare@nytimes.com.

Now, as far as you can get from baking cookies and talking about halibut, do take some time to read Jordan Kisner’s profile of Frances McDormand in The New York Times Magazine.

Watch, when you’re finished, this interview with Yaa Gyasi on the occasion of being named one of Granta’s 2017 Best of Young American Novelists.

And, over at Vanity Fair, do read Benjamin Wallace’s harrowing investigation into a fraternity hazing death at Penn State. It’s not the most delicious appetizer, but still, maybe you could talk about it over dinner. I’ll be back on Wednesday.

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