January 23, 2018

Paddock’s girlfriend a ‘person of interest’ in massacre

Paddock’s girlfriend a ‘person of interest’ in massacre

In a press conference, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said alleged gunman Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend is a u0022person of interestu0022 in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


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  1. Ahzeus Ahuwah

    The Chicago Outfit runs Las Vegas since its foundation. Trump is connected with the Five Families. The Clintons are connected with the Chicago Outfit. The mafia has infiltrated the government. They want to disarm Americans for the purpose of human trafficking. Here is some information on some human traffickers.

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    Prince Vittorio also has direct ties with organized crime as he has been charged with murder, exploitation of prostitution, and corruption involving a gambling racket with slot machines. Prince Vittorio got off on all these charges. Camorra is a large international crime syndicate with various clans like the Nuvoletta Mafia operating out of Naples and they are involved in smuggling and even human trafficking as well as other criminal activities. The Letta family with Enrico Letta and Gianni Letta are Italian politicians tied with Sivlio Berlusconi and appear to be connected with the Nuvoletta Camorra mafia clan. In recent years the Sicilian Mafia have been caught involved in trafficking Africans into Italy and Europe and then extorting them. The MSC is relevant because it is covertly working with some high level mafias and involved with drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. Recently in 2017 MSC purchased 49% of Ignazio Messina & C. which is a Genova based shipping and container company. Pontus was a Greek name for bridge and also for sea and specifically the Mediterranean Sea. Through their control over ports they are able to bridge their criminal networks together.

  2. Christopher Balsom

    I'm confused. At first it was reported that the girlfriend was in Australia. Then I hear she's in Tokyo. Then all of a sudden she's in the Philippines. Is this just bad reporting? Or is she seriously hopping around to all these places?

  3. Obscurity 2

    And what about the witness who said there was a woman at the concert harassing people, trying to fight them, and telling them "you're all going to die tonight"??? Why isn't ANY major media covering this part of the story? Don't you think you might want to follow up on that little detail? Mainstream media is A JOKE.

  4. deb cotrone

    Why did they let her go after only 2 hours of questioning in the first place? And she is in Japan right now.. how did she get there without id ,,,that was found on the shooters body? Something isn't right here. Something is very wrong. Do we really think she is coming back?

  5. Gary Witherspoon

    Las Vegas Police are probably not going to proceed with getting the suspects as they have already been given a shooter while all involved slink back into Homeland Security of mercenary police squads of such. A black op event certainly

  6. Ken Durham

    Wonder if she was on an expired visa or something. Something triggered this man to actually plan all this out and only target country music fans. It just seems to me that this murderer had to be was really upset and planned on making a huge statement with this. He left evidence. He had to. On his cell phone, computer or something. This type of shit never happens "just because". I'm betting money it was political in some way.

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