January 21, 2018

Danny Trevathan’s Hit Sends Packers’ Davante Adams to Hospital

Danny Trevathan’s Hit Sends Packers’ Davante Adams to Hospital

“I trust when Danny said he wasn’t intentionally trying to hit him like that,” Rodgers said. “He is one of the hardest-hitting players in the N.F.L. He made a hit on one of our guys last year in the hole that was one of the hardest hits I’ve ever heard. But I don’t think he was intentionally trying to hurt ’Tae.”

Trevathan was whistled for a personal foul for the hit, penalized for “hitting a player in the helmet area,” as the officials said. He was not ejected. Referee John Hussey told reporters after the game, “From my perspective I just didn’t see enough to have it rise to that level.”

Trevathan could potentially face suspension or other disciplinary action from the league for the hit.

Danny Trevathan Dirty Hit On Davante Adams Bears vs Packers Video by NFLHighlights

“You never wish that on nobody,” Trevathan said after the game. “My main concern is that he’s O.K.”

“The news I’ve been given on Davante so far is, everything looks positive,” Coach Mike McCarthy said after the game. “He’s already giving them a hard time at the hospital to get out of there, so that’s a great sign.”

The high-profile hit came less than a week after President Trump scolded the N.F.L. for going soft, saying that rules intended to increase player safety were “ruining the game.”

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