January 23, 2018

Astronaut Mark Kelly: We need gun control, not prayers

Astronaut Mark Kelly: We need gun control, not prayers

Mark Kelly and his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, responded to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. They called for “more than prayers” from President Trump.


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  1. expertpi

    Gun laws should be relaxed. Children should be allowed to carry SMGs. Children have an inbuilt ability to know when someone is a bad person. This shooter wouldn't have even made it to his hotel room if children had guns. Support our NRA and support Trump.

  2. Clyde Harris

    this man is a complete fool and a class AAA idiot as well as a socialist trying to make people think that he has the solution . If these type of people had their way only criminals would have guns an we the people would be at their mercy with no way to protect ourselves. This very sad commentary after this horrid event.

  3. Anthony Ellison

    Why can’t we just agree that something needs to be done to control gun ownership? I’m not saying disarm everyone, but why make it so easy for people to get their hands on firearms, why allow people to amass arsenals of weapons without justification and why isn’t forced registration a thing? The criminal argument doesn’t hold considering the 10 worst mass killings in American history by a single shooter have all been committed using legally obtained guns. The constitutional argument also means nothing as the very definition of amendment means it can be changed. I’m all for gun ownership but when will we learn that that our gun controls or rather lack thereof are ridiculous and need to be addressed.

  4. Ruf Isigny

    A lot of folks feel very uncomfortable about the lucrative scam being played upon us by Gabby Giffords and opportunist husband, Mark Kelly. It's real apparent – manipulation and gun control $$$$ propaganda are hard things to fake. It's reminiscent of President Reagan's Press Secretary James Brady, whose spouse, Sarah Brady, also lucratively marketed her disabled husband around for gun control $$$$, following the assassination attempt on Reagan in which James Brady was injured. Mark Kelly needs to build a monument to his propagandist Nazi mentor Joseph Goebbels, and direct his energy to his knees, worshiping that statue. If you need proof that Marxists can be astronauts, Mark Kelly will suffice.

  5. Andrew Jimenez

    Cowards and pussies need their guns! Keep making the gun companies rich. Dumb ass pawns. Show me someone who needs guns and I’ll show you someone who is ruled by fear. The only thing that hurts a gun companies bottom line is peace, unity, and love. All of which are in short supply in this god forsaken country at the moment. Worst part is it’s the ones who are supposedly god fearing that are doing most of the hating. Again Keep on making them rich. They gun lobbyist and ceos are laughing all the way to the bank. To think they woke up today and popped some Champaign after watching their stock prices shoot up. They aren’t praying they are celebrating.

  6. Things and Ideas KB

    These ignorant, heartless morons. Automatic weapons are already illegal. If anything, the Las Vegas shooting shows how ridiculous legislating "gun control" at the level of individuals is. (And, Hillary, there's no point in even putting a silencer on an automatic.)

  7. Misty Arnett

    You can ban every gun I can tell you this that criminals will always find one and this will keep happening no matter what gun laws there are.. last time I checked criminals don't follow the law where there is Market there is product.. it's not the gun it's the person behind the trigger

  8. will mcnichols

    Really because Nevada is one of the most restrictive states to own a firearm. Honestly people like you are the problem this is a direct result of the siphoning of American freedoms and liberties that create the motive for people like this to even exist. We don't need to ban guns we need to ban liberals

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