January 23, 2018

Alleged Las Vegas shooter’s brother is stunned

Alleged Las Vegas shooter’s brother is stunned

The brother of the suspected Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, says he’s in total disbelief. Eric Paddock says he last talked to his brother months ago via text and saw no warning signs that he would commit mass violence.


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  1. Doug M

    The same thing is said when the crack heads get arrested or killed….the mom is like I never suspected or i never knew…! He was such a good boy and was on his way to church and was helping an old lady cross the street blah blah blah blah

    This is left wing propaganda bs news

  2. Denniss7420

    Another James Holmes. Paddock may have checked into the Hotel, but as soon as he got into his room he was taken out and the Operatives did the deed. Another Patsy as America sleeps on the NDAA 2012 Propaganda act.

  3. Nitta S

    So many people talking nonsense. Stop the fake news. Facts people, that is what reality is about. Let police do their jobs.
    You can speculate in your head but putting in writing is just irrelevant.

  4. Hush Whisper

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